Are you a startup co-founder actively seeking an early-stage investor in the form of a business angel? The path to securing such an investment is often more challenging than you expected. But fear not, as I’m here to introduce you to an innovative approach that can revolutionize your journey. Discover a fresh perspective on closing deals with business angels through what we call an “early bird deal.”

Mika explains how to can close investments by using early bird deals with business angels.


In this video, Mika unveils a transformative strategy for startups: the concept of “early bird deals” with potential investors. Have you ever faced the frustration of engaging a business angel’s interest but struggling to close the deal? Imagine a scenario where you could establish a conditional early bird investment agreement, effectively assisting the investor in reaching a confident decision.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Laying the Foundation: Create a conditional investment deal, whether verbal or formalized as a letter of intent, in collaboration with the investor.
  2. Embarking on Customer Discovery: Collaborate with Mika on a Customer Discovery project. Through this journey, the viability and implementation of your idea will be explored and refined with customers.
  3. Investor Engagement: A unique facet of this approach is that the investor may become an advisor, actively participating in the project’s development, fostering an ongoing commitment.
  4. Unlocking Financing: Notably, the project’s costs can be covered by Business Finland’s innovation voucher (in Finland only), relieving both you and the investor of financial burdens.
  5. Validation and Momentum: As the project concludes, your business concept, team, and opportunities undergo validation and growth, further solidifying the collaboration.
  6. Closing the Deal: With a refined and customer validated business, closing the investment deal becomes a smoother process, making it significantly easier to gain the investor’s support.

Ready to revolutionize your investor engagement? Book a meeting with Mika and embark on the journey of leveraging early bird deals to your advantage.

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