Our Target Segment Roadmap is designed for companies and startups developing new products and services. It simplifies the development roadmap and go-to-market strategy as well as it is the shortcut to start sales.

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What Is THE Target Segment Roadmap?

Our Target Segment Roadmap service accelerates your new product’s go-to-market strategy.
We identify and validate a specific initial customer group that needs what you uniquely offer and competitors don’t.

This way we simplify your business growth, allowing you to focus only on the validated needs of this customer group.

Unlike traditional consultants, we guide you in developing your business and directly validating it with customers in such kind of way that you can build the successful future for your product.

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Target Segment Roadmap

Target Segment Roadmap gives you a faster and cheaper go-to-market strategy.

  1. We identify the most promising target segment for your product and validate their purchase intent.
  2. We accelerate your development by focusing on fewer, essential features tailored to a precise target segment.
  3. We provide initial customer prospects and streamline deal closure with a more precise Target Segment Roadmap.
  1. Mika is your roadmap-building expert, dedicated to ensuring your success.
  2. Target Segment Roadmap provides you with a more precise and manageable target segment, defined by unique customer demands and minimal competition. This approach accelerates product development and streamlines your sales.

Start with 100% free Pre-Study Workshop

  1. Start with a 2-hour cost-free pre-study workshop to receive feedback for your plans and explore how we can help you.
  2. Funding Opportunities: Your Target Segment Roadmap project may be eligible for financing from Business Finland (50% – 75%). This is only for companies registered in Finland.

Simplify Your Development and Sales with Target Segment Roadmap

  1. We Find More Specific Target Segments for Your Product
    We find a specific group of customers who need your unique features and selling points that competitors don’t offer.
  2. We Validate the Feature Requirements of the First Target Segment
    Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) becomes more effective when focusing on the validated and consolidated needs of your initial group of customers.
  3. We Validate their Purchase Intent
    It is important to validate that the customers in the first target segment are going to purchase your MVP before you invest in it.

Target Segment Roadmap provides

  1. The best first group of customers to target.
  2. A minimum set of feature requirements to win sales.
  3. First customer prospects for your product.

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How We Do It

We will work together on this. We’ll use your ideas and plans, plus Mika’s smart thinking. We’re going to have workshops, talk to customers, try out new ideas with data, and find creative ways to figure out the best roadmap for your product. Most importantly, we’ll make sure your first customers really want to buy what you’re offering.

Project Framework:

  1. 3-hour Kick-off Workshop (1 d)
  2. Hypothesis of Target Segments (1 w)
  3. Validation of Target Segments (3 w)
  4. Validation of Purchase Intent (3 w)
  5. Insight Workshop of Results (1 d)

Cost Plans – Invoiced when Delivered

1 500 € – Project with Business Finland’s Financial Support

For a Finnish company eligible for Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher or other financing mechanism, using it to finance 75% of this 6 000 € project (VAT 0%).

6 000 € – Project without Financial Support

For companies self-financing the project.

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