Are you a business angel or pre-seed investor evaluating a promising startup opportunity, yet uncertain about committing your investment? In this video, I’ll guide you through one effective and easy way to put the team and their idea to the test by their customers, empowering you to invest confidently. Watch my video above and let’s have a meeting to check how I could help your startups.


In this video, Mika introduces a groundbreaking approach to validating startup ideas and teams. Are you an investor who wants to make better investment decisions? Mika’s solution is the “Early Bird Investment Deal” between the investor and startup.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Early Bird Deal: You establish a verbal agreement or a letter of intent (LOI) with the startup. If Mika’s customer discovery project reveals significant potential, you commit to investing.
  2. Discovery Project: The startup partners with Mika for the Discovery Project. This is funded using an innovation voucher from Business Finland (only for Finnish startups), costing you and the startup nothing.
  3. Project Workshops: You may participate in project workshops as an advisor if you have time and/or you are the lead investor. Witness the team’s capabilities and customer feedback firsthand. Are there substantial MVP customers to kickstart the business?
  4. Assessment and Validation: At the project’s conclusion, assess the team’s performance and the solution’s customer validation. Is there a big enough business opportunity? Now you can make your investment decision based on validated insights about the team’s capability and business idea.

Ready to make better investment choices? Contact Mika to learn more about how you could benefit from this in your startup prospects.

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