Advantages of Using a Target Segment Roadmap

When you can focus on a specific group of customers, things become quicker and you deliver better product and services. You won’t need as many features demanded by customers, and you won’t have to build too much to fit perfectly into that smaller customer group.

Selling your product becomes easier because you’ve chosen customers who really need what makes your product special, something they can’t find elsewhere. You can focus on a smaller number of potential customers and avoid competing until you’re ready.

In summary, everything is simpler and easier when you have decided what is your manageable target segment as your first segment in your Target Segment Roadmap.

How to Do It:

  • Find Your Unique Selling Points

    Focus on your strengths and high demand features which are for you easy to develop.

  • Identify where Your Competitors Are Weak

    Avoid competition that you cannot win. Identify your competitors and what are their unique selling points.

  • Identify Your Potential Target Segments

    Be innovative and try to find the most potential target segments for you.

  • Identify More Precise Target Segments

    Identify your very first target segments in the Target Segment Roadmap. Ensure they are manageable: High demand for your unique strengths, you can sell them and no competitors to meet this demand. It’s crucial that you can list the first 200 prospects and concentrate on them.

  • Get Our Assistance

    We can speed up the process and improve the quality for you. Keep things moving faster by using our assistance.

How to Get This Done When You’re Too Busy

We can help you. We can create a Target Segment Roadmap tailored specifically for you. We’ll even take care of setting up your initial 10-30 sales meetings with potential customers from your primary target segments.

Learn more about how we can assist you

  1. Target Segment Roadmap for New Products and Services


If you’re interested in the potential of this approach, I invite you to book a 100% free two-hour pre-study workshop with me. During this session, we’ll assess your existing market research, identify data gaps, and determine the scope of your market research project.

Thank you for your time today, and I hope to see you again soon.

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