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When developing new software products or services for clients, one major challenge is ensuring that the product meets market needs effectively. To increase the revenue opportunity for both software development service providers and their clients, implementing a “Target Segment Roadmap” strategy is essential.

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Understanding Customer Needs

Often, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) does not fully align with customer requirements, and different customers might demand varying features. This can lead to a complex and inefficient development process.

Streamlining Development

By focusing on a smaller, more specific group of customers who need unique features not offered by competitors, software development can be more targeted and efficient. A Target Segment Roadmap helps identify these customers and their essential features, making the development process more effective and simpler to manage.

Benefits of “Target Segment Roadmap”

  1. Ensures development is closely aligned with first customers’ needs.
  2. Reduces time and resources spent on unnecessary features and change requirements.
  3. Helps in quickly bringing a product to a specific customer group who need the product’s unique features that competitors don’t offer.

The “Target Segment Roadmap” Project

If you or your client need help on this, I can help you by delivering the “Target Segment Roadmap” project for you before you make the final development plans.

If I do it, I will deliver the following results for you:

  1. A specific, manageable group of first target customers.
  2. A validated list of MVP features tailored to these customers and their needs.
  3. Early customer engagement, with initial meetings set up even before the development begins. This roadmap is a strategic blueprint, guiding the development process toward creating a product that meets the first target segment demands.

Proposal of a Free 0€ Prestudy Workshop

I offer a complimentary prestudy workshop for software development service providers and their clients. This workshop is designed to kickstart your next project, focusing on how the “Target Segment Roadmap” can help your project to succeed. It’s an opportunity to explore this methodology’s benefits, ensuring that your next software product is perfectly aligned with market needs and poised for success.


For software development service providers, using a Target Segment Roadmap can lead to more efficient development, quicker market entry, and ultimately, increased revenue. This approach not only benefits the software development provider but also ensures client satisfaction with a product that meets their market’s specific needs.

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